Ghana’s three northern regions epitomise the problem of regions that remain underdeveloped in countries that, as a whole, are developing rapidly.

However, evidence suggests that growth can be made more inclusive and incomes in lagging regions improved by encouraging factor mobility and, especially, integrating economic activity with markets in richer regions and international markets.

As the North has a comparative advantage over the South in certain agricultural commodities, and agriculture is the major economic activity and employer in the North, it makes sense for MADE to focus on agriculture.

Agriculture and the trading and processing of agricultural commodities are likely to provide the vast majority of opportunities for mobilising investment and enterprise.

Supplying the South and the world’s growing need for food and agricultural commodities represents a major opportunity to integrate economic activity in the North to attractive markets.

For MADE, an added criteria for working on agricultural markets is that it is from these markets that the vast majority of the Northern poor earn their livelihoods.