A North increasingly integrated into national and export markets for agricultural commodities.
A North where all actors along the agricultural value chain reap the benefits of increased investment and productivity.
A North where farmers increasingly move from subsistence to commercial agriculture.
A North where growth is inclusive and resilience is prevalent.

In order to achieve this, MADE will facilitate processes that will lead to:

  • Promoting crops that provide high income opportunities for smallholder farmers in growing markets (such as rice or groundnuts)

  • Increasing the productivity of agriculture by promoting new varieties and more productive technologies

  • Accelerating the shift from subsistence agriculture, which is associated with high rates of poverty, to market oriented agriculture

  • Encouraging year round production by promoting high value crops that compensate irrigation costs, thus overcoming the North’s major disadvantage of having a single rainy season

  • Helping to diversify livelihoods by facilitating the growth of trading and processing

  • Increasing access to markets and reducing the market power of buyers in the South by building better supply chains

  • Increasing entrepreneurship and investment to increase value added in the North

  • Promoting women’s economic empowerment

  • Contributing to environmental stewardship and climate change resilience