COVID-19 response

Supporting action to reduce the spread and impacts of COVID-19 in Ghana

Operating in the context of a vital agricultural service, MADE’s priority is to continue key activities without compromising the health and welfare of our team or creating risks for those with whom we work. Recognising that the MADE business-to-farmer (B2F) model provides an important link to some of Ghana’s most vulnerable rural communities, we will be working with our partner agribusinesses to find creative ways of providing critical information and hygiene-related inputs to farming communities, while helping Northern Ghana navigate the challenging agricultural season ahead.

As part of its strengthened support to agribusinesses in response to the challenges of COVID-19, MADE is recruiting agricultural extension graduates for a short-term internship programme.

MADE has developed workplace guidelines for agribusiness owners to help them protect the health of their staff and customers, and prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

This page will be updated regularly and expanded to include further information and resources to support our stakeholders and beneficiaries.

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