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Agrisolve Ghana Limited


Agrisolve Ghana Limited is an agribusiness engaged in the development of the agriculture value chain through yield improvement projects, with innovations in input credit, extension and coaching, mechanisation, market access and digitalisation – all aimed to drive agriculture productivity, profitability and improved livelihoods amongst smallholder farmers.

The company takes a market-driven approach within integrated models defined by projects and programs involving youths, women and out-grower businesses. The bottom line is to improve yields and markets access for smallholder farmers involved in the production of maize, soya beans and other agriculture produce. This market-driven approach has allowed farmers the opportunity to strive towards prosperity, by driving efficiency and productivity while at the same time ensuring food security for communities.

Agrisolve partnered with the MADE programme in 2019 with a focus on delivering essential farmer-centred farm improvement services (i.e. input credit, extension, mechanisation and market) to 2,600 smallholder farmers and out-grower business owners. Seventeen last-mile field agents (spread across the operational area and recruited and trained by MADE) delivered these farm improvements.

Through this, smallholder farmers were able to access ready and competitive farm demonstrations, coaching, fertiliser, agrochemicals and mechanisation services. Over time, this spurred on production yields and ultimately improved living standards.

The MADE partnership supported Agrisolve’s efforts to deliver quality produce in the required quantities to buyers and processors – ranging from 4000 MT to 6000 MT in 2019.

MADE interventions

  • Recruited, trained and deployed field extension advisors to deliver farm improvement services to smallholder farmers and out-grower business owners.
  • Embarked on the registration of out-grower businesses and smallholder farmers.
  • Organised training and farm demonstrations on good agricultural practices, pest/disease control and business management for smallholder farmers and out-grower businesses.
  • Delivered improved farm inputs such as fertiliser, seed and agrochemicals to smallholder farmers through an input credit scheme.
  • Supported farmers and out-grower businesses in accessing mechanised services such as ploughing, planting, harvesting, threshing and shelling.
  • Facilitated a consortium with Trust Link Agro Trading, Gohuoballe Agric and Business Ventures and Yahaya Iddris Enterprise to leverage on agricultural inputs for smallholder farmers.


  • Increased smallholder farmer outreach by about 30%; out of this farmer outreach, 55.65% are women.
  • Improved access to markets for smallholder farmers – over 5,000 within the MADE consortium.
  • Increased the combined maize and soya aggregation to 9,669.2 MT.
  • Raised yields for smallholder farmers from an average of 2.5 metric tonnes in 2017/2018 to 4.63 metric tonnes in 2019/2020.
  • Increased smallholder farmer access to inputs on credit, in particular through women’s village, savings and loans associations.

Contact information

Business name: Agrisolve Ghana Limited
Address: Accra
Region Northern, Upper West
Contact person: Elorm Goh
Job title: Executive Director
Phone number: 055 200 0004
Email address: