Asana’s story: a Northern Ghanaian maize farmer looks to the future

Like many other smallholders in Northern Ghana, Asana Iddi Cherigudoo lacked access to the inputs and services that might enable her to produce more food for her household, sell a surplus, and grow her efforts beyond the half-acre field she could cultivate by hand. This success story describes how Asana’s women farmers’ group linked up with MADE partner MS Bonsu Farms, which provided a bundle of inputs and services on credit to increase productivity and yields. It explains how, by accessing improved seed, fertilisers and tractor services, Asana has expanded cultivation, enabling her to repay her loan and pay for her children’s school fees.

Resource type: Success story
Year produced: 2019
Value chain: Maize
Thematic area: Commercial partnerships, Gender inclusivity
Region: Northern Ghana

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