Aghanalie’s story: when an aggregator and input dealer partner, everything comes together

Smallholder farmers are at the heart of MADE’s work with agribusinesses in Northern Ghana. This success story documents how one such farmer – Aghanalie Aghana – has benefited from MADE interventions. It explains how a commercial partnership brokered by MADE between the crop aggregator Akandem Farms and the input supplier Johil Farmer Solutions has enabled Aghanalie and other smallholders to easily access agro-inputs, ploughing and warehousing services, farming advice and wider markets. The success story describes how these developments are benefiting Aghanalie and her family, and outlines how Akandem Farms and Johil Farmer Solutions plan to grow their partnership in the future.

Resource type: Success story
Year produced: 2020
Value chain: Groundnut, Maize, Rice
Thematic area: Commercial partnerships, Farm advisory services, Gender inclusivity
Region: Northern Ghana

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