Alabani’s story: ripping instead of ploughing to beat the drought

Smallholder farmers are at the heart of MADE’s work with agribusinesses in Northern Ghana. This success story documents how one such farmer – Alabani Ibrahim – has benefited from MADE interventions. It explains how the MADE partner and input provider Batbak Services has helped Alabani to cope with an increasing lack of rain. The success story describes how, as well as providing inputs such as seed and fertilisers, Batbak introduced ‘ripping’ – a minimum tillage technique that conserves moisture in the soil and increases crop yields; it also outlines how other smallholders are following in Alabani’s footsteps having witnessed his success with the technique.

Resource type: Success story
Year produced: 2020
Value chain: Maize
Thematic area: Climate-smart practices, Farm advisory services
Region: Northern Ghana

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