Annual report: Year four

This report assesses progress of the MADE programme from April 2017 to February 2018, with particular reference to partnership building, farmer outreach, adaptation of business models, the improvement of norms, and lessons learned from market interventions. It also considers progress made in monitoring and evaluation, and value for money and project management. The report concludes that overall project achievements in Year 4 included a 35% increase from Year 3 in the number of partners engaged, the piloting of new support functions such as tractor brokerage, irrigation systems and advice provided by Farm Enterprise Advisors, and the introduction of a business learning group specifically for female processors and traders.

Resource type: Report
Redacted: Yes
Year produced: 2018
Value chain: Multi-crop
Thematic area: Climate-smart practices, Commercial partnerships, Farm advisory services, Gender inclusivity
Region: Northern Ghana

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