Zakari’s story: MADE improves markets for vegetable seed dealers and the farming community

Smallholder farmers are at the heart of MADE’s work with agribusinesses in Northern Ghana. This success story documents how smallholders are benefiting from improved vegetable seeds provided by Tikola Ghana Limited – a MADE partner which distributes agro-inputs. The story centres on Zakari Musah, General Manager and Agronomist at Tikola. It explains how MADE’s field trials have helped win the trust and confidence of smallholder farmers who are now a key market for Tikola. It also outlines Zakari’s plans to provide a greater range of inputs to more smallholders in the future, enabling them to further increase yields.

Resource type: Success story
Year produced: 2020
Value chain: Vegetables
Thematic area: Farm advisory services
Region: Northern Ghana

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File type: PDF