Asomba Mohammed Enterprise


Asomba Mohammed Enterprise is an input dealer that supplies agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers for the production of maize, sorghum, soybean, onion and other vegetables. The enterprise works with 521 smallholder farmers (of which 140 are women), with each cultivating an average of 1 acre. The benefits to farmers are access to improved seed, proper application of inputs and good yields. Asomba Mohammed Enterprise supplied 55.25 MT of fertiliser to farmers in 2019. The business joined the MADE programme in 2015 and operates in Pusiga District

MADE interventions

  • Recruited, trained and deployed one Business Development Advisor, who supervises and assists in demonstrations.
  • Invested in crop demonstrations as a means of showcasing new products and innovations and practices.
  • Facilitated relationships with other MADE partners, enabling the enterprises to complement each other’s work.
  • Facilitated/strengthened commercial partnerships with other enterprises, including Tikola and Agriseed.


  • Increased smallholder outreach from 100 to 512 between 2014 and 2019.
  • Increased access to inputs and credit.
  • Increased understanding of good agricultural practices, proper application of agro-inputs and general farm management.
  • Facilitated timely application of inputs.
  • Increased yields for maize and soybean from 2 to 10 bags (100 kg) per acre and 1 to 6 bags (100 kg) per acre, respectively.

Contact information

Business name: Asomba Mohammed Enterprise
Address: c/o Pusiga District Assembly, P.O. Box 1, Pusiga
Region: Upper East
Contact person: Asomba Mohammed Issah
Job title: Director
Phone: 024 607 9637

Products and services

Products: cereals, legumes, vegetables
Agricultural inputs: fertiliser, pesticide, seeds, weedicide
Crop services: mechanisation
Farm advisory services: market information, post-harvest management

The information in this profile has been gathered from the agribusiness enterprise.
Profile updated: September 2020.