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Cropcare Ghana Limited


Cropcare Ghana Limited mainly aggregates maize and soya bean, and provides critical production resources in the form of inputs to smallholder farmers through the leaders of farmer-based organisations (FBOs).  Although Cropcare is based in the southern part of Ghana, it’s main out-grower operations are in 11 districts of the North Savannah Ecological Zone, where it provides for at least 28 FBOs with a smallholder population of over 2,600. The FBO leaders serve as nucleus farmers around whom the company organises the other smallholder farmers for crop production activities. The company worked with 2,000 smallholder farmers in 2018 and 2,614 farmers in 2019, and intends to work with 3,400 farmers in 2020. It aggregated more than 3,200 MT of maize in 2018 and 4,800 MT in 2019, and intends to aggregate 6,000 MT in 2020. The business is a relatively young but fast-growing company and has established strong links with major distributors of agricultural inputs. It is a newer partner for MADE, joining the programme in 2018.

MADE interventions

  • Worked with Cropcare to recruit, train and deploy 10 Farm Enterprise Advisors in 2018 and 2019.
  • Strengthened commercial partnerships between Cropcare and suppliers such as RMG  Ghana, which provide agricultural inputs on credit.
  • Facilitated partnerships between Cropcare and Trust Link Agro and Guohuoballe in 2018 and Asrahms Limited in 2019.
  • Introduced the Advanced Model to help Cropcare identify and provide an integrated bundle of inputs and services to increase crop yields and productivity.


  • Increased the number of contracted smallholder farmers from 400 in 2017 to 2,614 in 2019 – a rise of more than 600%.
  • Improved smallholders’ access to high-yielding hybrid seed and other agricultural inputs.
  • Introduced farmers for the first time to crop insurance.
  • Increased yields for smallholder farmers from an average of nine bags of maize before Cropcare’s and MADE partnership intervention to 25 bags per acre in 2018 and 28 bags per acre in 2019.
  • Improved agronomy practices and post-harvest storage activities through training on good agricultural practices, marketing models and business skills.
  • Increased crop recovery rates from 60% to 80% between 2018 and 2019.

Contact information

Business name: Cropcare Ghana Limited
Address: Ahodwo Adiebeba, Kumasi, P.O. Box KS 4022, Adum, Kumasi
Region Ashanti, with operations in the five northern regions of Ghana
Contact person: William Awuku Ahiadormey
Job title: CEO
Phone number: 054 363 0702 / 026 768 4903
Email address: /