Heritage Seeds Company Limited


Heritage Seeds Company Limited is an agribusiness based in Tamale that produces certified seeds for crops including maize, rice, soybean, sorghum, cowpea and groundnut through an out-grower network of 1,020 smallholder farmers, of whom 20% are women. Each farmer cultivates 2 acres. The company enhances this out-grower model with capacity building on seed production and good agricultural practices, and acquires key inputs for its partner farmers. Heritage Seeds markets the seeds produced and regularly demonstrates newly released varieties for more widespread adoption. The company was awarded Best National Seeds Producer in 2015. Heritage Seeds began partnering with MADE in 2019 and has since aggregated 20 MT of soybean, 5 MT of maize, 15 MT of groundnut and 5 MT of cowpea. 

MADE interventions

  • Recruited, trained and deployed five Farm Enterprise Advisors (FEAs), who assist in registering and educating farmers in good agricultural practices. 
  • Provided training of the company’s tractor operators for the delivery of mechanised services. 
  • Helped build a database to streamline out-grower operations. 
  • Enabled Heritage Seeds to train smallholder farmers in good agricultural practices and to better finance inputs for smallholder farmers. 
  • Provided demonstrations and training in how to apply fertilisers and pesticides. 
  • Facilitated relationships with other MADE partners, such as Agritrade Company Limited and Batbak Services.


  • Doubled the number of participating out-growers in one year, from 500 in 2018 to 1,020 in 2019. 
  • Raised the total quantity of seed aggregated from 150MT in 2018 to 300MT in 2019. 
  • Built Heritage Seeds’ ability to manage larger operations with an accurate database. 
  • Increased understanding of good agricultural practices and proper application of agro-inputs. 
  • Facilitated timely application of inputs: fertiliser, weedicides and pesticides. 
  • Improved financial forecasting and planning for smallholders.

Contact information

Business name: Heritage Seeds Company Limited
Address: P.O. Box 1597, Tamale
Region: Northern
Contact person: Zakaria Sumani Iddrisu
Job title: Managing Director
Phone: 054 337 0501

Products and services

Products: cereals, legumes
Agricultural inputs: fertiliser, seeds, weedicide
Crop services: agro-processing, mechanisation
Farm advisory services: fall armyworm control, good agricultural practices, post-harvest management

The information in this profile has been gathered from the agribusiness enterprise.
Profile updated: October 2020.