Noyine Maltinga


Noyine Maltinga is an agro-processing enterprise that aims to create income-generating opportunities for female farmers. The company aggregates groundnuts and rice from more than 950 smallholder farmers (of whom 67% are women), each farming an average of 22.5acres across four districts. Noyine Maltinga processes and adds value to these and other crops, including ginger, dawadawa seed and shea nuts, and markets the end products for domestic and commercial use. The company was awarded Best Processor in 2013, Best Organised and Most Innovative in 2014 and Best Business Planner in 2015. The enterprise provides its network of farmers with tractor services and input credit, and joined the MADE programme in 2014. In 2018, it aggregated 10 MT of produce from its out-growers. 

MADE interventions

  • Introduced the Advanced Business Model, which enabled Noyine Maltinga to offer bundles of inputs and services to smallholder farmers, including extension services from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. 
  • Recruited, trained and deployed six Farm Enterprise Advisors to ensure good agricultural practices by farmers in their fields.
  • Strengthened a commercial relationship between Noyine Maltinga and input supplier Fumbisi Agro-Farmers. 
  • Supported farm demonstrations showcasing improved seed varieties of groundnut and good agricultural practices.


  • Expanded smallholder farmer outreach from 450 in 2016 to 950 in 2018.  
  • Increased smallholder farmers’ access to inputs on credit. 
  • Increased understanding among farmers of how to improve their agricultural practices. 
  • Raised yields for smallholder farmers between 2015 and 2018 by 90% for groundnuts and 40% for rice. 
  • Improved financial forecasting and planning for smallholders.

Contact information

Business name: Noyine Maltinga
Address: P.O. Box 665, Bolga-Sumbrungu
Region: Upper East
Contact person: Melanie Amikiya
Job title: CEO
Phone: 020 740 4000 / 026 155 8832 /
024 316 1771

Products and services

Products: cereals, legumes, oil seeds, spices
Agricultural inputs: fertiliser, seeds, weedicide
Crop services: mechanisation
Farm advisory services: fall armyworm control, good agricultural practices, post-harvest management

The information in this profile has been gathered from the agribusiness enterprise.
Profile updated: September 2020.