SKY-3 Investments Limited


SKY-3 Investments Limited is an agribusiness development enterprise and input dealer operating across the Bono East, Brong-Ahafo and Ashanti regions. Using out-grower schemes, the company works with smallholder farmers engaged in the cultivation of maize and also cassava and mangoes – grown by making use of the two cropping seasons in the middle belt of Ghana. SKY-3 provides tractor and agro-processing services using its wide range of machinery. It aggregates the crops produced and sells on to processors. SKY-3 joined the MADE programme in 2018 and in 2019 aggregated 105 MT of produce.

MADE interventions

  • Recruited, trained and deployed 15 Farm Enterprise Advisors (FEAs), and three FEA managers.
  • Negotiated favourable terms and conditions with major input dealers, including RMG Ghana, enabling SKY-3 to stock up on agro-inputs for its smallholder farmers.
  • Facilitated commercial relationships between SKY-3 and Yedent Limited, and Allah is Able.
  • Introduced the Advanced Model: SKY-3 has invested in land preparation, improved seed, plant nutrition and protection, good agricultural practice and agro-processing.


  • Increased smallholder farmer outreach from 1,500 in 2017 to 3,000 in 2018.
  • Increased smallholder farmer access to inputs and services on credit.
  • Increased understanding among smallholder farmers on the proper application and use of agro-inputs.
  • Facilitated more timely application of agro-inputs on smallholder farms through improved service provision.
  • Raised yields for smallholder farmers between 2018 and 2019: from 900 kg per acre to 1.8 MT per acre.

Contact information

Business name: SKY-3 Investments Limited
Address: P.O. Box 38, Kintampo
Region: Bono East
Contact person: Ryan Akor-Bonde, Kwasi Etu-Bonde
Job title: CEO
Phone: 024 057 6464 / 050 866 0666

Products and services

Products: cereals, fruits, vegetables
Agricultural inputs: fertiliser, pesticide, seeds, weedicide
Crop services: agro-processing, mechanisation
Farm advisory services: business skills, good agricultural practices

The information in this profile has been gathered from the agribusiness enterprise.
Profile updated: September 2020.